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. this is a national security issue what is gue best for the united states of america. my understanding is senator jim web from virginia has come out and said this isn't a good idea. none the less i do agree. it's important to put politics aside and focus on what is best for the national security of our country. >> you say you don't believe of the three alternatives you cite either no trial or detention military commission or trial in the civil federal courts in the united states why is this inappropriate when so many people suggest isn't this exactly where it should be held the mayor of the city michael bloomberg who i guess is technically a republican his police commissioner ray kelly tough as nails ex-marine they both say it is appropriate to have it here. the city can handle it and why not? >> i agree the city can probably handle it better than any other city in the world quite frankly. but as to whether or not this is the appropriate place, i think you have to look at a number of factors. for example the level of security that will be required to have this kinds of trial in the middle of new york
just out in paper back guilty liberal victims and their assault on america. great stuff on sarah palin i will be referencing later. -- the partisan divide how this is automatically reflex democrats against republicans. isn't it an issue where politicians staked out their turf with little regard for the facts? >> i am glad you asked me that. there were things like that where democrats worried about poor security. some democrats on our side this argument we are at war. the democrats want to treater wrists like they are defendants and saying no it's a war. it's an argument when the cases were going to the supreme court. even when he was captured on american soil no it should be a military tribunal. >> have they moved into any suburban neighborhoods opened up shops in any malls? have they raped or murdered anybody? >> the main problem isn't security. >> the main problem is in the head. >> the main problem is not security as you seem to think. although your arguments we can handle it, we can hand tell. new york city handled 9-11 honorably and heroically. it's not that you want another 9-11
it starting right here on the america's news headquarters at 6:00 p.m. eastern. check out our website at foxnews.com/politics that is updated with the latest, late-breaking campaign coverage. of course, the upcoming elections aren't the only issue in washington. the senate and house have unveiled the time version of healthcare reform, both with a government run plan, public option to. steny hoyer saying that the house could vote on a bill as early as thursday. right now, few if any house republicans are likely to support it. even moderate democrats, known as the blue dogs, remane on the fence. still, house speaker nancy pelosi feeling confident she has the 218 votes needed to get the bill passed. in the senate, a different story. right now majority leader harry reid doesn't have the votes needed to get the bill through. the senate expected to begin debate on the bill in two weeks. conservative radio talk show host rush limbaugh not mincing words on what he thinks the democrat plan of healthcare reform will do the to the united states. we have preview of exclusive interview you'll see only on
. [ applause ] >> glenn: good night america. good night mrs. dudu >> geraldo: live and at large, at president making news while chas advertising the north koreans. the attorney general back home in the united states dominating today's headlines with stunning news that the 9/11 hijackers are coming back to new york to stand trial, steps from the scene much their infamous crime. >> i'm confident in the ability of the courts to provide a fair trial just as they have for over 200 years. the alleged 9/11 conspirators will stand trial in the justice system before an impartial jury under long established rules and procedures. i would like to assure the american people that we will prosecute these cases vigorously and we will pursue the maximum punishment available. these were extraordinary crimes and so we will seek maximum penalties. >> geraldo: the decision to bring five terrorists to new york for a trial created a tsunami of comments from republicans. >> these people are qualified as terrorists around should not be tried in civil court and given the same rights and privileges that an american cit
law wrong. more importantly, american law should govern america. >> some of our young people are lost souls in our country and we have to find a system to help get them on the right path. is what my risk start program is about, working withat risk children to h help get them on the right path, raising self-esteem and in stilling the discipline the kids are lack. that is what is wrong with so many kids today. they are lost souls and trying to make make a mark but the mark is in a devastating way. like the columbine. that is an example of kids who are lost that needed a right participant to get them on the right path in life. martian arts. i was a lot of soul growing up in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father and the martial arts helped me. >> and it would be a different approach it get the kids and prevent the mindset. >> prevention is a key thing. >> now, it may be too late to prevent something and when we have kids adjudicated, applying international law, michael, tell me in a heartbeat what is the big deal, why should we be so concerned that the courts would reach out and
the fire out there. >> the bottom line is you are allowed in the united states of america to take your car and crash into, you can drive a demolition derby in your driveway if you choose to as long as you are not putting in an insurance claim and damaging or hurting any one else. it doesn't appear that he committed any crime and he has a constitutional right as an american and just because he is a celebrity doesn't mean he loses his rights, of just keeping his mouth shut and closing his door and handling this in the private way that he chose to handle it. >> what do you think? >> the statement itself is not surprising to me. tiger has always maintained his privacy to a great deal. it is going to continue to fuel the rumors out there and the media is still going to investigate exactly what happened that night and certainly reflects back a little bit to the reports that we put out two days before the accident that he had been involved according to a woman in a romantic relationship and a cheating scandal. >> now, you spoke with this woman, the alleged mistress. >> yes, i spoke with rachel uc
-side. >> she doesn't want a healthcare bill that will cost $1.5 million. she wants america's health insurance companies to have to compete with each other. don't tax me to pay for healthcare that you guys want. if you want healthcare pay for it yourselves. >> president obama met with house democrats this afternoon for about an hour to urge them to support this member and says opportunities to pass major healthcare reform "come around maybe once in a generation. ". he praised democratic leaders for their work to craft the bill. >> they brought us closer than we have been to passing health insurance reform on on behalf of the american people. now, is the time to finish the job. >> they will go through the amendments and then the minor the has one last shot to try to kill the bill all together called a motion to recommit. they vote on that and then move to the final vote. geraldo? >> geraldo: as exciting as the evening is, the fact of the matter is this is just a step in a long and rocky road. from here, what is next? does the senate take up its version and if so, when? >> absolutely. this is o
of terrorism and army should have notice that. >>> you're watching america's news headquarters. i'm lauren sivan. arms control topping the agenda as president obama and the russian president are scheduled to meet at this hour. the president is in singapore for the 21 nation asia pacific economic cooperation forum. he is taking time out for individual meetings with mdevedev. according to the u.s. officials the u.s. and russia agreed on the broad jut lines of a new arms control treaty. they are expected to sign that treaty in early december. >>> a white powder scare saturday at new york's ellis island. a hazardous materials team responded to the call at the island's immigration museum. it was evacuated for 90 minutes as the team investigated but tests show the powder was just flour. i'm lauren sivan in new york. we now head back to "geraldo at large" right here on fox. large" right here on the fox news channel. >>> the initial statement led to the arrest of clarence and when that was deemed to be untruthful the charges were dropped. the investigation is still ongoing to determine if any othe
as i said last night in terms of the big picture battle for the hearts and minds of america is the new york congressional race in which the withdrawing republican candidate dede scozzafava just endorsed the democrat bill o'reilly we knows over hoffman the conservative now favored by dede's fellow republicans and backed by tea party all star beck, hannity, limbaugh, palin, the washington times, the club grows and our own ann coulter who last night was saying nice things about dede scozzafava and her withdrawal but i would venture to guess -- let me get a statement from ann about whether or not you want to withdrawal your endorsement of her? >> technically what i said was for that one day only i would say nothing bad about her because of her withdrawing. >> you have the republican candidate -- >> the reason i don't think -- oo poo who is rejecting the conservative. >> the reason i don't think it changed anything from yesterday is she was polling at about 20e percent. i don't think we talked about this but i talked it off air with my friends. some percentage of the votes would go to democ
in america. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks... even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand. >>> this is america's news headquarters. i'm lauren sivan. american shoppers peeling off a few more greenbacks this black friday than last year. a research firm reports shoppers spent more than $10.5 million the day after thanksgiving. up a half a percent from a year ago. there were signs of much stronger online sales during the holiday shopping kickoff and that means more folks just buying from home. >>> the search continues for the man accused of gunning down his family on thanksgiving day. police in jupiter florida say he shot and killed four family members after dinner. his six-year-old cousin. his twin sisters, one of whom was pregnant and a 76-year-old aunt. two other people were wounded. investigators think he may it turn up in michigan. that is where he has been in contact with a doctor. i'm lauren sivan. we now head back to "geraldo at large." >>> president obama has made it very accessib
, america. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. >> geraldo: happy halloween. i'm he going. of all the trick or treating and halloween celebrations across the country the hottest ticket was at the white house with 2,000 kids from five washington elementary schools and from the military along with their parents greeted by the first family at the front door of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. and at a year when the obama man spoke straight and zombie is among the most popular costumes perhaps it is fitting that the president came as himself, dressed in casual weekend attire. the president's mother-in-law came as herself. the first lady was a leep pardons complete with cat ears around along with the daughters they all joined in handing out candy. the obamas passing out goody bags loaded with white house m & ms with the president's signature on them and a sweet butter cookie baked by the white house pastry stop. the biggest thrill according to many of the kids was just meeting the president and his family on halloween. celebrations elsewhere including the flam buoyant, outrageous greenwich pa
the show with them doing a little god bless america. >> major danny attelbrock and woody english. seven decades and introduce the guys quick. >> sergeant first-class perry waters quick. >> master jett he is self. >> and our soloist. it was beautiful, wonderful. >> okay. >> that's it. "god bless america," guys. let's lead the team. ♪ captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. 
're watching america's news headquarters. i'm lauren sivan. a convicted sex offender is behind bars in cleveland after police find at least six bodies in his home. he was initially wanted on charges of felony rape and assault. cops found the bodies when they went to his home with a search warrant. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton downplaying a possible boycott of next weekend's runoff election in afghanistan. the presidential challenger abdullah is calling for a boycott but mrs. clinton says his decision not to participate will not affect the runoff legitimacy. >> the yankees rallying from a three-run deficit to win the game 8-5. game four of the fall classic will be played sunday in philadelphia. >>> don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour.ion that starts at 2:00 a.m.as h sunday.by a laurlauren sivan. now, back to "geraldo at large." o me about me i will have things on her. there are some things that i have that are huge and i haven't said them because i'm not going to hurt her that way. i have things that would get her in trouble and could hurt her, will hurt her but i
of america take your car and crash it. you can have a dem layings -- or hurting anybody else. it doesn't awe're he just because he's a lib credit this is real ry pretty >> i think certainly kimberly the statement it sieve is not surprising to me. tiger always maintained his privacy to a great deal. however it is going to continue to fuel rumors that are out there. media investigating what happened that night. it reflects back to the reports we put out 2 days before the accident. he has been involved according to a woman in a romantic relationship and cheating scandal. >> you spoke with this woman the alleged miss industries. >> well, we had numb cruz she changed her story several i ams in telephone conversations with me. since thundershower story went out and the fact that she is global a scandal is scared turned to an attorney in los angeles before miking it to the attorney made several statements and caught herself up in additional contradiction. there's a lot out there but i can tell you a lot of it doesn't jive with information that we published. >> you are continuing to get information.
.c. johnson, a family company. >>> from america's news headquarters, i'm lauren sivan. a weather alert this hour for parts of the u.s. hurricane warnings in effect for the gulf coast states. hurricane ida is now a category two storm packing 105-mile per hour winds. louisiana has already issued a state of emergency. the storm could hit new orleans for the florida pap handle by tuesday morning. heavy rain and flooding are expected. in el salvador, mud slides triggered by the hurricane killed at least 124 people. >>> pennsylvania governor ed rendell announcing the weeing long philadelphia transit strike is over. buses and subways will be running in time for the monday morning commute. the union wanted an independent audit of pension funds and also objected to the proposal that contracts would be renegotiated if national healthcare reform hope pushed up costs. i'm lauren sivan. we now head back to "geraldo at large." live now? let's go to the chuck norris interview, shall we? >> my next guest is one of the finest people i have met. i met him almost 40 year ago. the author, activist and act
the blonde millionaire ami wife. >> you are watching america's news humid quarters. i am lawyer sieve van. police in chicago shooting a man they say is a cop killer and domestic terrorist. tim brinton was sitting in a car this past halloween when someone shot him. a tip led to christopher monfor. he is suspected of fire bombing four seattle police cars as well. >>> president obama hailing iraq's newell election law as a smi milestone. the much delayed election law is a reminder the violent enemies of progress in iraq will fail. mr. obama said the new law will facilitate elections and will not stall all u.s. combat forces by next september. i am lauren sivan in new york. we head back to geraldo at large. hope you enjoyed your weekend. >> hi everybody. are we on live now? let's go to the chuck norris interview, shall we? >> my next guest is one of the finest people i have met. i met him almost 40 year ago. the author, activist and actor chuck norris. i am glad to welcome you to the show. chuck has written the official chuck norris fact book. it is hilarious. i am going to read you some of t
product risk free for 30 days. then again, with over 10-million oreck vacuums sold in america, david oreck has been earning your confidence for nearly 50 years. call now and try the new oreck platinum pilot risk free. keep it with the confidence of an incredible 10 year warranty. that' s right, get 4 oreck vacuums for the price of 1, but you must order now. the new oreck platinum pilot. clean made easy! we are go fog focus on casey anthony's claim that joy ray claims she has proof that little caylee anthony's body was not in the woods in 2008 as previously believed and as casey was already in jail she could not have been the one to place the body there. prosecution experts say researchers didn't see a body because it had skeletonized and decomposed several months later. joining me is dr. michael baden. good evening, dr. wade. >> good evening, kimberly. >> you are the best person to talk to about this exact issue. could volunteers have spotted this badly decomposed body that they say they saw as the prosecution contends? >> now, as full disclosure my wife is an attorney involved with the de
this, let me tell you. nice photo. >>> you're watching america's news headquarters. i'm lauren sivan. osama bin laden was within your grasp shortly after the 9/11 attacks according to a new senate report which says the u.n. had the means to mount a rapid assault but instead less than 100 u.s. command it ios td to hunt down the leader and that was in torah borah. the. >>> the obama administration planning to announce monday plans to help troubled homeowners by lowering monthly mortgage payments. expected to withhold cash incentives to mortgage companies until they make loan modifications permanent. they will pressure lenders by highlighting companies lagging behind on the loan modifications. those are the headlines for now. i'm lauren sivan. we now head back to "geraldo at large" on fox. >>> and now with the sahahi's side of the story is the man who introduced the couple, their friend casey martin. thanks for being with us tonight. tell me, what is their side of the story? >> they have said and have been saying that they did have an invitation and that they have proof of that and tha
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